Illustrations For the Poem 'The Habitual Giant'

Here are two illustrations I came up with, illustrating two of many paragraphs of a poem written by Edward Chilvers a local publisher from Ipswich who wrote a poem about one of the exhibits currently on display at the Ipswich Saatchi Gallery.  The poems about a drunk giant who lives in a big mansion.  A grandma and her grandson step into the mansion to take a look inside when it starts to pour down with rain outside. They decide to stay there for the night to avoid the bad weather.  The little boy decides to take a look upstairs and becomes terrified when he comes face to face with the giant, grandma then comes rushing to his side.  The giant turns out to be perfectly safe, grandma encourages him to quite this drunk lifestyle he's living and to start over and with the help of grandma and the little boy... he does.


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