A trip to London gave me a wonderful chance to revisit the beautiful architectural design that the capital is brimming with!

Lion Drawing

Trying to get back into drawing again... its been a while and ive missed it!

Scandi Alphabet Poster

A new alphabet poster! This beautiful typeface with its unique quirks is by a Danish design agency who designed it for the biggest Scandinavian railway network. They have used it on the trains and for the railways wayfinding. They have also produced a logo to go with it. I wanted to have a go at reproducing it for a new addition to my room, with a very contemporary colour scheme to go with it.

A Cold and Frosty Morning.

Cold but very beautiful!

Paper Cutting - Christmas Present

A Christmas gift for my Grandparents. A butterfly family tree!

Paper Cutting - A Congratulations Gift

Made a congratulations present for my housemate whos just passed an important exam for his work.

Fireworks 2016

5th of November Fireworks on Midsummer Common, Cambridge

Autumn Forest Mushrooms

Gotta love these little fellas!


A beautiful dusk sky on the way home from work.


I was asked to make some bunting.... some rather long bunting (240cm in length!) using the colours of mint and grey. This was a wonderful project to work on with a beautiful colour combination!

Birthday Card

Birthday card for an animal mad friend and work colleague.

Sunrise Through the Mist.

Beautiful sunrise on the way to work.

Norfolk Greeting Cards

Wanted to try and make use of some of the photos I took whilst away in Norfolk and did so by making cards with them.

My Week in beautiful North Norfolk

A beautiful and much needed escape to the beautiful edge of Norfolk!